Walk like a gladiator

Many people believe that it is really hard to pull off a statement foot wear with flats. Well, you might want to rethink that after you have seen the gladiator sandals.

These fashion forward shoes are very comfortable (if you have the right pair), very stylish and perfect for a dressed down look.

For instance, if you are opting for a little sassy sun dress but wish to add oomph to the look, then the gladiator shoes would be the perfect choice for the look.

The lengths of the sandal with vary, depending on what your preferences are. They can go above the ankles, at the calf, or even go up to your knees.

Aside from dresses, these sandals are great match for skirts, shorts, and little skirts. A dress shirt, with any print of fabric is probably the cutest item to wear these shoes with.

Tips on buying fabulous shoes

Shoes are a one thing almost every woman can’t get enough of. As you pick your shoes, here are a few tips:
1. Get your size: When showing off your sexy, luscious shoes, you want to make it look like you have just stepped out from the runway in comfort.
2 . Get Pedicures: Those shoes are looking hot, hot and hot! Remember that your feet will be in the limelight, keep your pedicure updated at all times!
3. Don’t go too high: Now, the sexiest-of-all-sexy shoes are stilettos. However, be careful with these pair of frisky night-walkers because these can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing.
4. Get ballet flats: You can go from bleachers to boardroom to boardwalk in these ballet flats and still look great.
5. Get classic pumps: As a girl who understands fashion, you want to get only the best pair of classic black pumps.
6. Get boots and booties: Live on the edge girl! Or at least make it look like you do… A nice pair of boots can spice up an outfit. You can wear your boots with a flowing skirt or a short skirt showing off your legs that are miles long or your jeans.
7. Get sexy strappy sandals: Sexy strappy sandals are forever in fashion and are oh so versatile – with a dress for a night out or with jeans and a cute top for a casual look.
8. Find the right wedges: This is a fashion cheat – a woman’s secret into looking fabulous while staying super comfortable. Wedges are great all through seasons –
9. Buy some shoes with drama: From a pair of plain whites to leopard prints – the right shoes will jazz up your outfit. If you dare to buy a bright, eye catching pair of shoes – Shoes can make or break the outfit!
– allwomenstalk.com

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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