Vivo Energy Trains Mechanics

Vivo Energy Uganda, the company behind the Shell brand, has warned people against contaminated fuel on the market, which spoils vehicles’ engines and puts lives at risk.

“The major problem of fuel on the market today is mixing petrol with paraffin and water, which spoil vehicles’ engines. We have now invited different mechanics and rally drivers to sensitise them on the dangers of using contaminated fuel and how to know good- quality fuel at the fuel stations,” Paul Kalanzi an official Vivo Uganda, said.

He was speaking at Vivo Energy’s headquarters in Industrial area in Kampala where more than 100 mechanical engineers from around Kampala were trained on the quality of fuel used in Uganda. Kalanzi said they also still have a problem of some fuel companies in Uganda that sell leaded fuel, which is dangerous as it contaminates the environment.

“All fuel companies in Uganda should use unleaded fuel because it is additive and cleans the engine unlike the leaded fuel,” he said.

Kalanzi aised all fuel companies in the country to employ engineers who check on the quality of fuel at the filling station to avoid selling contaminated fuel.

“At all Shell stations, we are sure of what our customers are taking because we manage the quality of fuel by using engineers to test the quality of fuel in our laboratories,” he said.

Commenting on the essence of the training, Cerinah Zalwango, the corporate communications manager, said it was crucial to target the mechanics “because they deal with the public and influence them when they bring their vehicles to the garages for repair and service.”

Source : The Observer

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