Village boss assaulted over mosquito nets

Pader- The Central Ward B village chairperson in Atanga Sub-county, Pader District, is admitted to Gulu hospital after he was allegedly beaten for refusing to append his signature on forms acknowledging receipt of mosquito nets.

Mr Michael Opira, who sustained a broken limb, claimed that when the distribution kicked off, households in his village never received any nets.“We were aised to get back in the afternoon as the supplier was still on the way,” Mr Opira said.

“I communicated to my people. When I returned home, the sub-county chief, Ms Alice Ajok Okello, and the internal security officer came to my home demanding that I give them the forms for people to sign,” he said.

“I protested the manner in which they were forcing me to give the forms. The guidelines were that after a person receives the mosquitoe net, they sign against their names,” he added.

Government is distributing free mosquito nets in some districts.The village chairperson claimed that when he refused to hand over the forms, two police officers, who had accompanied Ms Okello, beat him.

Ms Okello said police wanted the forms for residents to sign before the supervisor would collect the nets from the storage facility but Mr Opira declined.

“They beat him up. As I tried to stop them, they said they were following orders from above,” she said.

The Aswa region police spokesperson, Mr Patrick Jimmy Okema, said the matter had not yet reached his desk. “In case there is any assault that transpired, the case should be reported to police for follow up and investigation,” he said.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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