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It is a day to Christmas and you figure there is no time to decorate your house. So you collect your Christmas decorations from wherever you kept them last year, ready to spread the cheer through your home. But alas! Some of the decorations are damaged or have lost shape. Before you throw them away, consider the following interesting ways you can make them work for you this Christmas again.


These balls make the Christmas tree lively with their dash of colour, however, they need to hang from the branch for this to happen so when you take them out of wherever you stored them only to realise that there is no string, you might be tempted to render them useless. But they can still be part of your Christmas décor without being on the tree.
This is something I saw on social site Pinterest. Get a clear bowl, and place them inside. That bowl can be a centerpiece for one of the tables around your house. Or you can place them on a décor platetray and place it in a corner where children can’t reach them.
If you have candle holders or plant containers with space in them, place the balls in the containers so that you spread them around the house.


Artificial Christmas trees are convenient however, it is easy to misplace some of the pieces when you pack it. So what do you do when you realise that your tree has some of its branches missing?
“If the tree still has most of its branches, place the tree next to a wall so that the area without branches is hidden. No one is going to turn your tree around to see what’s on the other side so you are sorted,” Nassuna points out.
“If you are left with branches which are too few to form a proper tree, use the branches on their own. You can transform the individual branches into small trees by placing them in a tin and decorating them, and putting them in other rooms in the house. You can also fold them into a wreath and decorate it as a wall hanging.
“You can also tie a ribbon to one end and let the branch hang. Decorate whatever you hang for a unique decoration,” Nassuna suggests.
So before you throw away any decorations, think of creative ways to re-use them. Not only will it save you from feeling like you have wasted something you spent money on but you will have unique decorations that can work all-year-round.


When they are up, they are such a delight! Then you pack them up without giving a thought to what haphazardly throwing them into a box will do to them.
When you open that box and find that the lights are now in a tangled mess, it seems easier to just buy new ones right? Especially if you try to detangle them without success. But Miriam Nassuna who runs, Home Bits, a décor shop in Munyonyo, has some interesting ideas for those lights.
“First, look for the plug and test them to make sure they still light up. If they do, you can put them in a vase and light them up there. Of course the vase will have to be transparent. Add some flowers and baubles [Christmas balls] and you have a beautiful and unique decoration that can stay there all year round,” she suggests.
If they don’t light up anymore, Nassuna says you can get the individual lights and put them in a small bowl or ashtray and place it on a table or sideboard.


I got so tired of throwing away baubles every year. While some of them would break, others fade. Then, I came across a solution that fixes both problems,” Nassuna says.
“The solution works if the broken Christmas balls are the colourful, glitter kind. “If you have clear baubles which have a detachable top, usually where the string is attached, you can spruce them up with the broken bits. You can also use the ones whose colour has faded so much that it appears clear,” Nassuna says, adding, “Crash the broken balls until they form a glittering powder. Then pour paper glue into the clear ball and shake it so that it spreads around. Before it dries up, pour the powder into the ball and shake. When the powder sticks to the glue, you have a colourful ball.”

Storing decorations safely

Put them in their packaging
Keep the packaging in which they came to minimise damage. Christmas balls, trees and lights are likely to remain intact if you put them back in their original packaging since it was designed to keep them safe.
Roll lights around something
Avoid tangled lights by rolling them around something long like a pole so that it is easy to detangle them the next time you need them. Wrap the lights in paper or a cloth so that the bulbs don’t break.
Separate them
Try to separate the decorations to avoid damage. Some decorations may be more fragile than others and therefore placing them with in the same place makes them prone to damage. You can separate them by wrapping some of them in paper or tissue.
Protect them from dust
Keep the decorations in a place where they will not be exposed to dust, mold and water.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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