Use staff parties to lift team spirit

As 2014 winds up, it provides an opportunity to crown the year in style. Organising an end of year staff party is an option, which many workers will be looking forward to.
Many employers recognise the value of conducting end of year parties for their staff. Such parties are recognised as a vital tool for staff motivation and an important instinctual internal communications exercise.
The end of year staff party is an occasion for management to appreciate employees for their contributions throughout the year. It also helps the team to know well co-workers in a more relaxed environment and to celebrate the end of another year.
If your plan is to organise one this year, then this is the time to get started. However, celebrating with your employees requires taking a few precautions. While judicious preparation may not eliminate all potential liability, it can help make events safer and cost- effective.
Quickly draft and have the budget approved, and select a committee to steer the various activities. Include staff representatives and consider their views because they know want co-workers want best.
Shop around and book the best venues as early as possible. This is because many companies always organise Christmas parties between November and December. The venue should be easily accessed by your staff and must offer excellent services within your bargain. You can consider any public or private facility- offsite. Some of the factors to consider include capacity, ambience, whether, toilet facilities, preferred suppliers and security.
To ensure a successful party, it is critical to put everything in writing right from suppliers to avoid confusion over what needs to be done. Also, hire the necessary help such as professional waitresses, MCs, and security.
Staff parties are not just to ‘suck up’ to the boss and co-workers but an opportunity to network.
The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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