Use all possible means to put an end to Muslim killings

The recent heinous murder of Muslim leaders, Shiekhs Muwaya in Mayuge and Bahiiga on Entebbe Road, Wakiso, exposes a possible political pattern.
And killingscarry the hall marks of Al Qeada and its equally nefarious side kicks, the Allied Democratic Front and Al-Shabab. In Iraq, Al-Qeada and ISIS routinely target Shiite religious and political leaders.
For in their perverted Wahabist thinking, they regard this vibrant branch of Islam to be blasphemous. Hence the murder of Shiekh Muwaya. While Bahiiga could have been targeted for being a moderate voice, as most Ugandan Sunni adherents are. In totality the objective seems to be to cause alienation, despondency and a blacklash towards society and the government.
Hence the need for popular mobilisation and vigilance to combat this extremism and its agenda.
New York

SOURCE: Daily Monitor