UPDF lose 22 in one year

Kampala. Soldiers serving under the 14th UPDF battalion have returned home after a one-year peace keeping mission in Somalia under Amisom. The Force, however, lost 22 of its soldiers in the said period, according to UPDF authorities.
The contingent, led by Brig Sam Kavuma, arrived in the country yesterday and was received by UPDF chief of staff, Brig Leopold Kyanda at the UPDF airbase in Entebbe.

The 17th battalion, commanded by Brig Sam Okiding, was deployed to take over the operations of the 14th battalion in the war-torn country.

Speaking to the media at the ceremony, UPDF spokesperson, Lt Col.
Paddy Ankunda praised the soldiers for a job well done.

Outlining some of their achievements the UPDF has registered during the last one year, he said the Force had been able to restore peace in areas that were affected by war, mostly in the southern parts of Giri and other parts.
“The 14th battalion has come back and now we have sent battle group 17. We have trained them very well and are sure they will do a good job” he said.

Uganda has three Battle Groups in Somalia, including Ugabag 14, 15 and 16, whose detachment in Janaale was attacked on Tuesday by al-Shabaab, who inflicted heavy casualties on the Ugandan peace troops.




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