UPDF detains key Mbabazi body guards

The army on Thursday night detained out-going Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s two lead body guards, and searched the home of his long serving military driver Warrant Officer II – Sam Matovu.

Staff Sergeants – Ahmed Baluku and Simon Mawadri – the two lead bodyguards for Mr Mbabazi, were detained immediately on arrival at Bombo general military headquarters, where the former Prime Minister’s military guards had been transported after being withdrawn for re-deployment.

According to family sources, military personnel came to the home of the WOII Matovu at about 2.am on Friday morning and searched it for about 4 hours before they left.

Sgt. Baluku, and his counterpart Sgt. Mawadri, were isolated from the group withdrawn from Mr Mbabazi’s services, and were yesterday being questioned by officers from the army’s Special Investigations Bureau, military sources who could not be named for fear of reprimand from the authorities told Daily Monitor yesterday.

The two had for over 10 years, worked with Mr Mbabazi, a hitherto ‘super minister’ in President Museveni’s government.

The army on Thursday withdrew the military guards of Mr Mbabazi, the ruling party’s Secretary General who was dropped as Prime Minister last Friday.

Brig. Leopard Kyanda, the Chief of Staff, Land Forces, led the operation which drew in personnel from other security agencies.

Brig. Kyanda told journalists that what had happened was routine. He said the army was there to withdraw their officers as the Very Important Persons Protection Unit (VIPPU) of the police takes over the security of Mr Mbabazi.

“This is a routine change of guards we came to take our soldiers and VIPPU will take charge of the security of Mr Mbabazi,” Brig. Kyanda said.

Mr Mbabazi has since not commented at the latest developments. He was still not available for comment yesterday with aides saying the former Prime Minister was not interested in making any comment at the moment.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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