UPC defector waits for promised top job in vain

Lira- When Mr Alex Abura Lolo Kawa, 55, defected to the NRM in 2010, his aim was to get a job. Indeed a year later, he was appointed deputy ambassador but unfortunately, he has never been placed anywhere.

Mr Kawa, a former Uganda Peoples Congress supporter, was appointed together with Mr Julius Peter Moto (former UPC), as deputy ambassadors by President Museveni in 2011.

On March 6, 2011, the former principal private secretary to the President, Ms Grace Akello, wrote to Mr John Mitala, head of Public Service, informing him of the new development.

“I write to inform you that HE President Museveni has appointed Mr Moto and Mr Kawa as deputy ambassadors. He requests that you formalise this appointment in line with the governing procedures and give them duty stations,” the letter reads in part.

Mr Kawa said all efforts to get clarity on what has happened to his appointment has been futile as principal private secretary to the President Mary Amajo and her deputy Ms Margaret Lalam, have reportedly denied him audience with the President.

Early this year, Mr Kawa and Mr Moto were invited to meet the President at State House Entebbe but the 55-year-old was locked out. Only Mr Moto, now ambassador to South Sudan, was cleared.

“To some extent, I thought those who were preparing a meal for the guest served themselves to the meal. If not, who benefited from our not taking the appointment?” Mr Kawa asked at a press briefing in Lira Town last week.

Last February, President Museveni assured Mr Kawa that the mess in his appointment would be sorted out forthwith. “That is a small matter, we shall settle it,” Mr Museveni said.

“And now what has happened about this small matter? It has never been resolved to date,” Mr Kawa said.

“I have gone through pain and embarrassment, while waiting for the appointment,” And the waiting has involved pain, anguish, anxiety, stress, it involves embarrassment and when people see me in the village they see an ambassador walking. When they see me again they begin to audit my life and my lifestyle,” he added.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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