Unexploded grenades discovered in Gulu, farmers abandon gardens

Gulu. Farmers in Laminladera village, Koro Sub-county in Gulu District, have suspended farming for fear of getting hit by unexploded bombs that were planted in the area during the Lord’s Resistance Army war.
Their fears come after the discovery of five unexploded bombs on Monday by children who were playing. Children found the explosives in a tree in the middle of their family garden.
The discovery brings to 19 the total number of bombs discovered in the same area in less than six months by famers as they open up their gardens for cultivation.
Ms Nighty Apio, 32, a resident of Laminladera, told Daily Monitor on Monday this was the second time bombs have been found in their garden since mid September last year.
“In September last year, about five unexploded bombs were found by children who were playing in a maize garden, and again we have found another explosive. We are now living in fear because we do not know exactly how many could still be in the field,” said Ms Apio.
“We want the army to conduct a thorough check for unexploded bombs in the area, otherwise our lives are in danger,” Ms Apio said.
Mr Samuel Olanya, another resident in the area, however, said the bombs pose a great risk to the lives of the locals who are resettling to their villages after years of leaving internally displaced people’s camps.
“Something must be done to enable residents carry out farming activities without fear, because at the moment that is what we depend on,” he said.
Capt Caesar Otim Olweny, the 4th Division army spokesperson, said the army is aware of the discovery of the five explosives adding that a team of bomb experts had been dispatched to assess the type.
“We request locals to be calm. People should be vigilant on any suspicious object and report the matter to local authorities. As for the explosives discovered, after being assessed, they will be detonated,” he said.


SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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