Ugandan Athlete Cheptegei wins IAAF gold medal

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Going by her comments, Patricia Apolot’s earlier interactions with Moses Golola must have rubbed off on her.Whether the impact of their interaction was positive will be ascertained tomorrow when she faces Jacqueline Nassimbwa in a national ladies kickboxing title bout at the MTN Arena Lugogo.“I cannot be beaten by a person who feeds on bananas as their staple food,” Apolot mocked Nassimbwa.“She has been feeding poorly which will make it easier for me to knock her out easily,” boasted Apolot who beat Nassimbwa by unanimous decision during their previous encounter.Nassimbwa’s coach Yiga Sadat however taunted her back claiming that if she failed to knock her out during their first encounter, she cannot do it when they are in the same weight category.“She won because she weighed heavier than Nassimbwa,” said Yiga who boasted of having coached all the best kick boxers in the country.

stronTechniquestron“Kick boxing is not about power but technique, which is an area where I have improved since our last fight,” added Nassimbwa who has not had to change weight for the fight.The five-round encounter is expected to be fought in the 60 kg category, four less than Apolot’s usual weight.The all-women showdown is a measure of how much the sport has gone places since Golola’s showmanship and marketing prowess took it to unprecedented heights in the country.Before them, Alex Masiko is expected to fight Istvan Betyar who lost by points decision to Golola last year in an intercontinental fight.The Romanian is expected to arrive in the country today for the weigh-in after missing his flight according to Roman Istvan the promoter of the fights.Masiko has won seven of his eight fights with his last bout coming last August when he beat Paul Kayondo by unanimous decision at Freedom City.

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SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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