Uganda – We Shall Punish AMISON Soldiers Who Rape Somali Women

The Commander of UPDF, General Katumba Wamala said AU is probing the allegations in the recent Human Rights Watch report that Ugandan and Burundian AMISOM soldiers raped Somali women.

He said any soldier found guilty of rape will be disciplined. He said he contacted with Human Rights Watch before the report was published so that they could try to detail where they got the information. He however said they declined to do so as they wanted to protect their sources. He said the victims are needed to come to court so that they can sue the soldiers who raped them.

On the other hand, the US government condemned the allegations by Human Rights Watch which is a rights organization based in New York. The report was launched earlier this month. The US government also pledged that it will support the probing of the allegations.

Source : Dalsan Radio

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