Uganda Tax Agency Asked to Simplify

Uganda Law Society (ULS) has aised Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to further simplify tax information and make it available in a variety of media in order to encourage compliance.

Ruth Sebatindira, the ULS President said recently, although URA has written books and tried to provide information before, people especially uneducated traders still find it hard to understand the information provided because it is so technical.

She asked URA officials to consider using a variety of media as a way of communication the information arguing that the media is a trusted source by the public

“We credit you for trying to avail tax information in all ways possible but you need to do more. A common man will not easily trust the information provided directly by URA because to them, you are still the enemy who wants to take their hard earned money away,” she said.

“It would be better if you involved third parties like the media and even lawyers in circulating the information. People tend to trust their lawyers and will possibly listen to them more than they listen to you,” she told invited guests.

“The media in Uganda has good reputation they are looked at as professionals who care about the common man’s well-being. If you use the media more, you will see a change on the number of people willing to pay taxes willingly,” Sebatindira said.

Sebatindira also asked URA to ensure high quality services to their customers by fighting corruption in tax administration but also wok on building better relations with the public if their dream of tax compliance by all tax pays is to be achieved.

URA Commissioner General, Doris Akol asked members of the legal fraternity to help URA by complying with the tax laws and aising their clients accordingly when issues concerning tax payment and evasions arise.

“We must work together to build this country together. The Law Society is very influential in the tax collection and compliance because through you, the tax payers who are you clients

The recently appointed Chief Justice, Bart Katureebe cautioned the lawyers on being material minded and failing to comply with the law because they want to gain much from their clients. He said, “The law society has been invaded by a very bad disease called corruption. Nowadays, it is so common for a lawyers to lie for a client even if that lie will cost the nation or a certain person their freedom and justice. That isn’t right, Defence lawyers are not in courts to lie.”

Source : East African Business Week


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