Uganda Police Announce the Names of People Suspected to Be Alshabaab

The Ugandan Police say these people might come to Uganda so as to carryout terrorism attacks. Ugandan Police spokesperson Mr. Fred Enanga said they have the list of 9 persons who were suspected to be planning terror attacks which may be carried out inside Uganda. ‘Anti-terror unit has the list of Somali men who were suspected to be planning to come to Uganda in order to carry out terror attacks’. Mr. Enanga said. He added that security forces were alerted after this information was found through cooperation between Ugandan Police and Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA).

Uganda Police Radio announced the names of those men as Ibrahim Abdurahman Ahmed, Mohamed Nur Mumye, Abdirizak Yusuf Aden, Mohamed Hersi Yusuf, Hussein Yusufu, Abdullahi Rage Omar, Mohamed Abdi Ali, Hassan Ali Liibaan and Bilaal Aden Kheyre.

In July 2010 Kampala was attacked with suicide bombings carried out against crowds watching a screening of 2010 FIFA World Cup Final match during the World Cup at two locations in Kampala, Uganda, on 11 July, 2010. The attacks left 74 dead and 70 injured. Al-Shabaab, a Sunni Islamist Somali militia believed to have ties with Al-Qaeda, has claimed responsibility for the attacks as retaliation for Ugandan support for AMISOM.

Source : Dalsan Radio

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