Uganda Electoral Commission Lays Out Road Map

Uganda’s Electoral Commission (EC) has announced its preparations for the 2015-2016 elections that will be held early next year.

The acting EC Chairman, Joseph Biribonwa, told a recent news conference recently between April 7th and 30th an update of all registers will take place.

EC officials will capture unregistered youth, elderly and disabled persons and armed forces personnel. This also includes other people who were not qualified during the last election but are now eligible to vote.

Between June 2and 22, the final registers will be displayed at the relevant polling stations and the general public is encouraged to check for their names and details to avoid any later inconveniences.

Those who registered for national identity cards will not be required to register again. IDs in addition to other documents will be used for identification during voting.

“We encourage all citizens to go and cross-check the registers which will be displayed at polling station at a communicated time. Every Ugandan should make it a responsibility to take part in the election so that when the results are out, there are no regrets or blame games. I ask the media to help us in disseminating this information to the nation as we work together to hold a free and fair election,” Biribonwa said.

He however warned all government officials who are already campaigning to stop or otherwise face the penalties at directed by the law.

“Campaigns for general election will start on 12th October 2015 to 15th feb 2016. Before that we do not expect ant campaigns rallies, billboards and posts. We are also going to suspend all kinds of fundraisings as this is seen as a way of bribing voters. All those will be suspended when time comes.” Biribonwa said

However this is a big challenge to the Commission as there are primaries due that will be held before the General Election to determine party leaders.

The release of the election road map comes at a time when there is a heated debate about electoral reforms that have been tabled in parliament. However Biribonwa assists the EC is an independent organization from the central government.

Source : East African Business Week