Uganda Dismantles NAADS

The ministry of Agricultural Animal Husbandry and Fisheries has taken over the job of extension services from the formerly autonomous National Agricultural Aisory Services.

The Minister, Tress Bucyanayandi, told a news conference at the Uganda Media center that the restructure and reinstituting of some NAADS activities to the main Ministry will help the local famers to benefit more from government programmes that NAASDS have been implementing especially agricultural aisory services.

The new restructured system will bring on board new players in the provision of extension services from both public and the private sector.

They will be involved in the delivery of extension services which NAADS has apparently not been able to carry out with overwhelming success.

Under the new restructuring of NAADS services, provision of farming inputs will be procured by people in the private sector to avoid the problems which have been associating with NAADS technical people at both district and sub-country levels. The main criticism is that they have been distorting prices for agricultural inputs for self-interest.

President Museveni has been vocal in his misgivings.

Agricultural activists in Uganda have commended the government for restructuring NAADs George Assimwe the communication officer at Eastern and Southern small scale farmers Forum which he said the new system will help a lot in solving the challenges which have been a associated with NAADS programme especially at the grassroots level

The restructuring of NAADS in the country it seen as way of delivering quality agricultural extension services to the ends farmers but on other hands it is going to leave many Ugandans without jobs.

This is especially at the sub- country and District level who have been working as District NAAds coordinators and sub county NAADS supervisors.

Source : East African Business Week


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