Uganda decides 2016: Mbabazi on term limits


CLAIM: Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi promises to restore presidential term limits within the first 100 days of his presidency, if elected.

FACT: While it is possible in theory, the reality is that it would take a political miracle. If elected, Mbabazi’s government will need a two-thirds parliamentary majority required to act without bi-partisan support.

Between swearing-in of legislators and orientation, appointment and approval of ministers, including the line minister to table an amendment Bill, setting up House committees and public hearings on the proposal, Parliament is unlikely to find the time to sit and pass a major constitutional amendment to restore presidential term limits in the first 100 days of a new government.

It’s also a remarkable policy about-turn from Mr Mbabazi. In a May 2005, article ( in the New Vision, he said: “Term limitation serves no useful purpose.”


CLAIM: Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi claims he has had no power while in government because the Constitution vests all Executive power in the President.

THE TRUTH: Whereas Article 99 of the Constitution vests Executive power in the president, the vice president, the prime minister and secretary to the Cabinet are the only other offices expressly provided for by the Constitution under the Executive.

Article 108A says the prime minister “shall be the Leader of Government Business and be responsible for the coordination and implementation of government policies and across ministries, departments and other public institutions”
VERDICT: The PM had power and constitutional backing to implement key priorities.


Good governance: Mr Mbabazi promises to restore presidential term limits, the integrity of the Judiciary and uphold rule of law, not “by law”.

Fighting graft: Strengthen law to protect whistleblowers, empower private citizens to prosecute corruption cases (qui tam law suits) and reward successful litigants with up to a quarter of recovered property.
Security: Demilitarise security forces, offer high pay and better accommodation


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