Uganda Breweries’ Idea of Perfection Comes to Bars

Uganda Breweries Ltd (UBL) has launched a new exciting mixed-drinks campaign called “Sundowner – a perfect start to the end of your day”.

The campaign will introduce Ugandans to different fun and exciting ways to drink whisky, gin, vodka and other premium spirits mixed into one cocktail which is energetic and tasty.

“Ugandans can expect to discover how to mix internationally-renowned classic cocktails like The Johnnie Ginger, The So-Ug, The Black Swagger and the world-famous Gin and Tonic,” UBL’s Johnnie Walker brand manager, Rhona Namanya, said on July 25 at Sheraton hotel in Kampala.

The Sundowner campaign will introduce a new drinking concept and culture of having a cocktail as the drink of choice at sunset. During the period of the campaign, Ugandans will be treated to exciting Sundowner events and activities like tastings, in-store promotions and social media interactions that will give them the opportunity to discover different ways to make their own cocktails.

Namanya said musician Cindy Sanyu would host the first Sundowner party at Sky Lounge, Kisementi, with top-class bartenders mixing lavish cocktails and fantastic entertainment. Another exciting element of the campaign kicked off on July 29 with anyone who buys UBL brands including Johnnie Walker, Uganda Waragi, Smirnoff, Gilbeys and JampB getting a free mixer for great cocktails.

“Making cocktails is a fun experience whether you do it yourself or watch someone else do it. Shaking, stirring, pouring, garnishing, sieving, infusing and all kinds of other tricks… With Sundowner, we are looking to show urbanites how to do this cool stuff themselves, so these exciting cocktail recipes will be available on a new Facebook page, where fans can share ideas and even create their own signature mixes,” says Namanya.

UBL has run a bartender training series called Master Bar Academy, with top 400 barmen in the country learning how to make and serve great drinks. This has all been in preparation for the Sundowner campaign aimed at ensuring that bar-goers can call for any of these great cocktails and have it served perfectly at any of the top bars in the country.

“We have been trained by global experts on how to mix the best cocktails in the world, using the best brands,” Jude Kiwanuka, winner of the 2013 bartender of the year competition, said.

Source : The Observer


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