UACE results: Performance in History dropped

The minister of Education will today release the long- awaited 2013 Uganda Aanced Certificate of Education examinations results.

11:04am: Head teachers gathering at the Office of the Prime Minister, conference hall, the new building near Parliament, awaiting for the function of the release of the UACE results.

12:01pm: There is an Increase in candidature of 4 per cent, leading to 4372 more candidates. hence number of candidates qualifying for UACE is at a high percentage of 97.4%

12:11pm: Girls performed better than the boys at all levels of grading as well as mathematics

12:15pm: The number of students offering math and sciences is low. Only 24.8 per cent offered math, 17.4 per cent offered Physics and about 8 per cent offered Chemistry and biology. The number of girls offering these subjects is low.

12:45pm: UNEB secretary Mathew Bukenya addressing the gathering. “Although sciences are compulsory at UCE level, their performance at UACE level has continued to be poor”

12:50pm: ” Good quality of work was visible especially for the traditional government schools and well established private schools, Poor communication skills continue to affect the candidates ability to express them selves. This was experienced when it came to essay writing” Bukenya. He also adds that examination malpractice reduced.

12:56pm: Mr Mathew Bukenya says results of 34 candidates have been with held until investigations are concluded.

12.57pm: Twelve centres which did not comply with new registration regulations of ICT and sub math affecting 560 students, Their exams have not been printed.

12:58pm: Improvement was registered in Economics, Islam, CRE, Physics, Agriculture, Chemistry. While performance dropped in History, Entrepreneurship skills, Literature in English and Biology

1:00pm: Fagil Mande speaks: “I would like to thank the parents and the children for the patience”

1:04pm: “Majority of radio stations do not have educative programs, so i would like to encourage them to come up with educative radio programs” Fagil Mande

1:14pm: Are we producing the right skills?. Improve the quality of education at school level, we need to develop a clear definition of a learner- Fagil Mande

1:15pm: Fagil Mande hands over results to Education Minister Jessica Alupo

1:20pm: Minister directs head teachers to teach and stop using pamphlets. Encourage students to enrol in technical education to get skills relevant in the world of work.

1.29pm: She ends her speech.


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