If you are looking to give yourself a treat this Christmas and are looking for a place to eat out, you can use Hunger cafe to find what restaurant you can try out for the special day.
Hunger Café is the brain child of Felix Okot who has created a website that helps you find any restaurant for any cuisine that you want.
He says the idea came to him when he had got visitors from out of the country and he did not have any idea of a place where he could get Italian food which they wanted.
After some time, together with his family they thought that they needed a restaurant finder, something that a person could use on their smart phone or computer that would give options of restaurants that they could go to. They tried to find one on Google it but no results were showing for Uganda.
“This is when I decided to create a website that would help people find restaurants with different cuisines that would make it easy for people to make a choice,” he says.
So it is a way to simplify finding a place to eat if you are new in town for the holiday or you have been away out of the country and are looking for a place to enjoy a nice meal this Christmas.
For Okot travelling a lot for business came in handy and when he travelled to India he got programmers that helped him to create the site. With so many restaurants coming up people always want to try out new things, the site is meant to give you a variety where you are allowed to compare restaurants in different regions.

The different restaurants featured
So far they have restaurants on the website from Kampala, Kigali Marrakesh Morocco Addis Ababa, Dar as Salaam and Zanzibar, Jinja and Okot says that Entebbe is coming up soon, if you are spending the holidays in any of this places you can try this out.
Okot says so far, they have about 380 overall restaurants are registered with the site from different parts of Africa.
For restaurants that want to join, he says they can send their information through email with the background information of their restaurant then the Hunger café team will verify the information and check out the place before they put up on the site.
You might be wondering what restaurants qualify to go on the site, Howard Omara, who markets the website, says that many people have different things they look for in a restaurant, and some people are after quantity while others are after quality.
“On the site we cater for all restaurants as long as they are willing to offer quality service to the person that is why we put a description part where we tell the people about what the restaurant and what they can expect,” he says
Omara says they hope to see themselves being continental wise all over Africa when you go to Google and search for any restaurant the first thing that you will see is hunger café.
“We want to be like the Google of food,” he says
He says if a restaurant owner is interested in getting on the website you can send an email to with all the information about your restaurant and there is an option for those who want to sign up directly on the website.
If you are looking to eat at a new place this Christmas do not stress much, all you have to do is to go to the Hunger Café website and choose a restaurant that will suit your mood.

How the website works
Felix Okot, the man behind Hunger Cafe explains that when you want to find a restaurant in Kampala for example all you have to do is go to the website and type the area you are in, then you will be given a list of restaurants available in Kampala.
The menu is available and the different prices for the food which makes it easy for the person to make a choice.
The person that is interested in going to the restaurant can go there and after can review and rate the place according to the way they like the food, service and ambience of the place so it is entirely in the hands of the guest.
The site gives you more information like the location opening hours, type of cuisine at the restaurant and also allows you to do a review on Twitter.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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