Trip to Mediterranean Through 20-in-One Meal [analysis]

It is said life is too short and thus once in a while, you treat yourself to exotic things you indeed cannot afford on a weekly basis.

This ran through my mind when I decided to go for the Mediterranean night hosted at Sheraton hotel Kampala every Friday. It is one of those highly- rated weekly nights where people get to travel to almost 20 Mediterranean destinations in just a meal.

This is a fantastic food fest at the hotel’s Paradise Grill restaurant, that usually kicks off at 7pm. By the time we reach the hotel with my date, who by the way was footing the bill, the serving point had been decorated with different vegan foods, meats, rice dishes and other things I was seeing for the first time.

The night that was premiered about three years ago is becoming a big thing and, according to chef Mehmet Demirogullari, one of the brains behind the theme, it is one of the sellout nights always.

He notes the reason for the night was to open Ugandans to a wide range of cuisines and cultures around the Mediterranean region. As they say, the best way to learn about a culture is through their foods I could not wait to dig in.

There were foods such as couscous, a traditional Berber dish of semolina cooked by steaming it is a staple food throughout the North African countries of Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania and Libya, as well as some parts of the Middle East.

The experience comes at a cosst of Shs 70,000 it is not one of those places to bring a girlfriend who picks at her food. You know, the kind whose appetite has mood swings – it would be a loss.

Mehmet, is there to help as I try to figure out what I should eat. Take it from me, if you can’t choose from the many foods you are seeing for the first time, take the chef’s recommendation. To crown the evening, City Blend band entertained diners with famous covers of both local and international songs.

It could have been a perfect night had the skies not chosen to open up and scattering guests. But it was still worth it – especially seeing as I was out with a beautiful lady but did not have to touch my wallet!

Source : The Observer


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