Trevor Vusumuzi Ncube

Ncube, 52, a Zimbabwean, is the chief executive of Mail and Guardian, The Standard and The Zimbabwe Independent newspapers. He is among the most influential people in Africa. He knows his secrets for success and what drives him.

“God has given me the discipline to work hard, blessed me with resources and I am passionate about what I do. This is more of a calling more than a business. I always enjoy what I do and want to continue impacting society in a positive manner and this is what drives me.”

He borrowed 25,000 Zimbabwean Dollars (about $ 5,000) after being fired as the editor-in-chief of the Financial Gazette in February 1996.

Currently, he employs 319 people and owns four newspapers in Zimbabwe and South Africa but says that is not how success should be measured.

“I want to measure success in terms of the impact, or being at the cutting edge of impacting African societies. Have we made a difference in peoples’ lives, not how much success I have made for myself.”

He is not looking at Africa as a single market of consumers he is looking at his media businesses as platforms for telling African stories with themes about the issues that cut across the different borders because “we do not pretend that Africa is one country.”

Tip of success: Discipline

“It’s about being disciplined and principled, never giving up easily because things will always be tough,” he says. “It is about falling and picking up yourself up by focusing on a bigger vision and being determined and caring and empowering the people you work with.”

Source : The Independent

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