Tororo court fails to refund bail cash

Officials from the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) were shocked to learn that Tororo Chief Magistrate’s Court has for a couple of years not refunded bail money to victims whose cases have been disposed of.

Mr Mark Olinga, a retired Tororo Municipality town clerk, raised the complaint at a public dialogue between members of the public and JLOS officials at the Chief Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday.

“It is clearly stipulated by the law that court bail money should be refunded after the offenders are cleared. The Tororo Chief Magistrate’s Court in has not been refunding the money since 2005,” he said.

Mr Olinga, who was speaking on behalf of the members of the public, also accused police, Directorate of Public Prosecution [DPP] and the judiciary of meddling and influencing court cases.

Ms Joy Kulume, the Tororo Chief Magistrates’ Court supervisor admitted to the claims, saying they have been remitting the money to Uganda Revenue Authority.

“Although the law that allows the refund of the money has not been amended, the central government has since 2005 compelled us to remit the money to URA,” she said.

Daily Monitor could not immediately get a comment from URA on the matter.

However, Mr Joseph Matobu, the principal assistant secretary of JLOS, wondered why the Tororo Chief Magistrate’s Court had not been refunding the money yet in other courts, it is being refunded.

“Bail money has been refunded and I am not aware of any possible amendment to the law. I will follow up on the matter,” he said.

The law
Patronage. Under the law, suspects who might have acquired bail during the process of trial pay a certain amount of money which on disposing the case is supposed to be refunded. However in Tororo this money has not been refunded to victims whose cases are disposed of.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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