Tornado trio depicts ‘Old is gold’


In life, the young always learn from the old. After all, the old broom knows all the corners. And in knowing all the tricks, Tornado trio of national skipper Frank Nsubuga (34), Davis Turinawe (37) and Benjamin Musoke (38) still finds their way into the limelight hogging all the headlines. This threesome comprises of the oldest players in the men’s National 50-over League and somehow, they scooped respective Best Bowler, Wicket-keeper and Batsman honours at the just-concluded Uganda Cricket Association Awards at the MTN Lugogo Arena on November 20. Indeed, their acclaim vindicates old is gold. Don’t get the foot off the pedal old guards, we still love watching you pile more accolades onto those already filled-to-the-brim trophy cabinets. After all, ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’, like fallen artiste Aaliyah sung.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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