Top Minister Denies Working for Mbabazi

Works and Transport Minister Abraham Byandala has distanced himself from the political activities of youths linked to Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi.

In an interview with The Observer yesterday, Byandala said he has never “worked for Mbabazi in Luweero” as one NRM youth called Alex Kasirivu alleged in one of the leaked audio conversations with police chief Kale Kayihura.

Byandala was responding to a transcript of an audio recording The Observer published on Monday, April 7, in which Kasirivu, an NRM youth activist allied to Mbabazi, claimed the minister was one of the people he was working with in the central district of Luweero to promote the premier’s future political ambitions.

Kasirivu in the recording was speaking to Kayihura in the presence of the latter’s aide, Sebina Sekitoleko. According to the recoding, Kasirivu told Kayihura that he was working with some senior people on Mbabazi’s missions in Luweero.

In the audio recording Kayihura asks Kasirivu:

“With whom do you work in Luweero?”

And Kasirivu replies: “We have Hon Byandala in Luweero. We used to work with him.”

But Byandala denied any such interaction with Alex Kasirivu, saying: “Even if you bring that boy here, I cannot identify him. So, how can I work with someone I don’t know?”

Byandala said as a minister appointed by President Museveni to serve the country, he could not work against him.

“So reports that I have been mobilising against the president in Luweero are not true. I cannot do that,” he said.

He made it clear that while he respected Mbabazi as his prime minister, in the 2016 presidential race, he would support Museveni and the NRM. Byandala said his work as the treasurer of the NRM in Luweero, saddled him largely, with the task of mobilising for the party and to promote it.

“I am now busy mobilising people for the district conference which is going to take place next month,” he said, adding that at this conference, he will table a motion urging the NRM delegates in the district to support the Kyankwanzi resolution which endorsed Museveni as NRM’s sole presidential candidate for the 2016 elections.

He said during the Kyankwanzi retreat, he was one of the people who actively mobilised MPs from Buganda to sign the resolution. This, he said, had put him at loggerheads with certain people who are in government but whose names he did not want to reveal.

“One of them even told me that I had disappointed them because I had mobilised people to sign the resolution,” Byandala said.

Source : The Observer

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