Tissa’s World – Steps to Recover From a Broken Heart

We all know how hard it is to nurse a broken heart. Worse still is letting the other person go.

You are tempted to beg them back. You play Beyonce’s Irreplaceable and feel better than you ever have, but suddenly at midnight, you want to call them just to hear their voice.

You want to punch them in the face for hurting you. You re-live the memory of their lips. The feelings are endless.

So, see below my eight steps to set you well on your way to recovery.

Revenge tactics: We all know that telling the world about what he or she did to you, scratching their car, burning all their belongings and humiliating them in public, is all too attractive.

Do not spend too much time in thinking, planning and talking about those things, for they are likely to distract you from healing.

Just remember, what goes around comes around. You look after yourself and the universe will deal with them.

If you are truly done with them and realised they don’t deserve you, commit to not contacting them or responding to their contact for 90 days. No negotiation, even if you have to sit on your hands to stop you from texting them, take up the 90- day challenge.

Fall in love with yourself. If it is the case that the other person walked away from you, it is so easy to blame yourself and think you were not worthy! Now is the time to dispel that lie and look after you! If someone cannot see how amazing you are, then they do not deserve to see you at all, start thinking of five things which make you fierce and list them every day!

Friends, family and faith. Whichever of these three brings you strength, turn to it. Even if it is faith in you, the universe or those with religious leanings, God, seek it out and remember we are only ever given what we can handle.

Ladies, put on your high heels and lipstick and go party with the girls or have a night in with ice cream, TV and laughter. Gentlemen, hit up party scene or stay in and watch football with the guys.

Still reading this piece? Remind yourself again to not contact that person. You do not need to ever beg for someone back or prove to them that you are good enough or convince them to love you. It takes more than one person to make the world go round.

Purpose. What is your purpose or vision in life? To make one person the centre of that is risky. Now is the time to find you again come back into yourself. Your dreams, your hopes, your aspirations, focus on that and your continued growth.

No matter how g the temptation, try not to find out how they are and what they are doing while you still have g feelings for them. Ditto around going to places where you know they will be (unless your presence is required).

If someone cannot commit, you need to commit to finding someone better. Once the grieving period is over and you are ready, get yourself out there and search for someone who is good enough for you. Remember, every relationship is meant to teach us something and often it is what we do not want in a partner!

Source : The Observer

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