Three Years in Flash!

It’s that time of the year. That time when almost every normal man, has to be glued to their screen and ague for the biggest part of the day about 22 men chasing and hitting a spherical sheath of leather called a football.

It’s the world Cup and we are all Brazil. It is that time when you pray that your friends don’t wed, have babies, fall sick or die because you will be watching a soccer match. Any way, despite all that, Flavia Nakafeero held her Flash Models Agency’s third year anniversary at Club Silk Ocean last Thursday.

It looks like yesterday when Flash came on the scene, and the party was a breather from the usual monthly fashion show where two designers have been battling it out for Shs 500,000.

The criteria of giving out the money is just crazy, so when you have something new you take it up. But it wasn’t that easy Silk knew that its customers are soccer lovers. So they ensured that the opening ceremony was screened and we hardly missed a thing.

Nakafeero, who has been supplying models to various companies over the years, decided to have most designers who have used her models all show-case. That way most of her models got a chance to be on the run way. And boy was it a cock tail of them: there was jewelry by Odendi fashions, wearable art by Kellen, Afro urban wear by Simma Fashions, fashionable wear by Shuba Wear, Jungle wear by Pamela Collections and Afro Asian wear by XP clothing.

It was hard to focus on the designs with Brazil playing, but the designers ensured a good blend of fabrics, with the models complementing them. Alongside the usual musical interludes, there was comedy by Divine Marley, Lyshia Juliet, and Ken Van.

The musical performances by Rwezy Rwezler and Phour GB just did not seem to get the patrons on their feet. It was clear the crowd loved the comedians more. It was not a bad way to celebrate a third anniversary there was cake cutting at the end of the event and a brief speech, where Nakafeero thanked all those that have supported her through her journey.

Next month the fashion competition continues, with different designers.

Source : The Observer

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