Three things I am grateful for in the month of April

The marrieds cell group I have: The saying “No man is an island” should not be underestimated if you want to move forward in life.

This marrieds group I am in has been in existence for seven years, if not more. We have met fairly regularly, once every month, to sit, talk, have fun, and eat together.

But more importantly these meetings have been about improving our marriages, discussing challenges we have had as couples and rebuking each other in love – pointing out mistakes the other might be making.

We have prayed for each other, argued when we had different opinions and sought out each other when one couple or the other did not attend for a while. We have been each other’s brothers and keepers. Every couple needs one.

The fitting green sweater: I bought it about a week ago. Was it a spontaneous buy? Well, yes and no. Yes because I had not planned to buy it that evening and certainly not from the supermarket I picked it from. But yes because I had been planning for a while to visit a shop somewhere in town, recommended by a colleague that she said sold really nice sweaters. I had planned to buy about two.

So you could say my shopping had been made easier. I am in love with the sweater. It cost me a little more than previous ones I have bought but I am not complaining. It fits well, is a lovely olive green colour and keeps me warm. Plus on those moody days, it just has a way of perking me up.

My love for reading: I write about this a lot. But it is because reading has made such a difference in my life. Every day I read something that builds me in one way or another. It might be the story I edit for the paper. It might be an article in the magazine I have borrowed from the office library. It might be a page in the novel I bought a year ago and have just failed to finish.

It even might be a few lines in our girls’ school-books. I have learnt what a micron actually means know roughly what the state of Missouri in USA is like found out the nutrients that Rooibos tea gives to the body and picked a few tips on how to deal with the pressure of making a presentation before a group of people. With reading, I learn something every single day. Of course the trick is in applying it. At least though, I am armed with the knowledge and have a place to start.

So, what are you grateful for, in the month of April?

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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