Threat of the married singles

A lot of women above 25 are actively dating. There is nothing unusual about dating. Single women do it all the time. But I’m also becoming more aware of the fact that married women as in the ridiculously expensive white dress, church vows, bugged people to come for wedding meetings married, are also in the pool.

By dating I do not mean they have occasional one night stands with the odd man to finish an itch the mister left half attended. I mean a long term arrangement, with feelings, fights and the whole shebangI am not sure if it is something that just became commonplace and fashionable now, or I am only just coming into the awareness.

I also cannot say whether it is the women finally catching up with their husbands an answer to the side dish men have always kept. The women cheats I have come across do not fit the profile of a bitter, sad lonely, housewife, out to revenge. Nor the sexually frustrated wife who falls to the charms of a prowling Casanova. Far from it.

The face of these cheats is a seemingly together, well adjusted, fulfilled, young woman with a gorgeous husband who they are not afraid to praise in public.

Incidentally, our cheat is also not afraid to parade a boyfriend in public. Albeit a public where her husband and his friends are not likely to show up. At the very least her close female friends know about her relationship. The woman may drive a car, and wear nice clothes but they are not by any means rich and the boyfriends are not necessarily boys so it is not a sugar mummy-toy boy arrangement. The boyfriends seem to know they are in a relationship with a married woman whether they themselves are single or married and do not call when the woman is spending time with hubby.

God knows I am not one to judge what adults do with their gonads. I only feel concerned as a single woman. What chances does a single woman have against a married one?Their demands are fewer than us single girls. For one, they will never ask for a commitment and you know how every eligible man’s life mission is to escape commitment while still distributing his seed as far and wide as possible.

Also, they are married because they figured out how to treat a man happy I presume, so they bring this experience to the table. They also do not expect exclusivity which again is a win for the man. Again I ask. What chance do we have against these formidable opponents?

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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