Thousands mark Kabaka’s 59th birthday in Butambala

Butambala. Thousands of Buganda loyalists thronged Gombe Secondary School in Butambala for the celebration of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi’s 59th birthday on Saturday.

Right from Busega, through Mpigi along the Kampala-Masaka Highway to the venue, the Kabaka’s subjects decorated roads and cheered on as his convoy snaked to Butambala.

Kicked off the day The Kabaka kicked off the day’s events by immunising and helping to treat some patients at Gombe Hospital. He then proceeded to plant a tree next to one that his father – Sir Edward Mutesa II planted after he opened Gombe SS in 1955.

The tree still stands tall as you enter the school main gate, in front of the mosque.He also laid a foundation stone for the construction of a new girl’s dormitory named after Nnamasole (King Mother) Sarah Katrina Nalule Kisosonkole.

The Kabaka asked youth to direct their energy to meaningful work and taking care of the elderly.

“I would like young people who have amassed wealth in the city and other places to take care of their ageing parents and relatives,” he said.He also called upon schools to teach the Luganda language and instill religion values among the young people.

“That is where our culture and values are entrenched,” he said.Yesterday’s celebrations follow an April 6 birthday marathon in Kampala that was flagged off by the Kabaka on a drenched Sunday morning.Hundreds of runners braved the morning downpour to participate in a marathon whose proceeds will help fund the fight against fistula in Uganda.

Marathon. The celebrations kicked off with a marathon in Kampala.

Tit bits about kabaka mutebi iiKabaka Mutebi was born on April 13, 1955 at Mulago Hospital in Kampala. He is the son of Edward Frederick Luwangula Muteesa II and Sarah Nalule Kabejja.

Ever since his coronation at Buddo on July 31, 1993, Mutebi has steered Buganda, encountering several challenges especially from the central government over strategic interests including land and other properties confiscated during the Obote I government. He has been a major unifying factor among the Baganda, helping in a number of projects that seek to eradicate poverty.

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