This strange girl got me rethinking my flirting

I hardly knew the girl. No, correction, I don’t know the girl. For crying out loud, it was my second time to talk to her, but already she was making plans for the weekend. I know I am supposed to look at this as a positive sign, that she is including me in her life, her time she is making me part of her planning. But, I could not help but be apprehensive. I mean, it was the second time I was talking to her! Couldn’t she play a little hard to get? Was that too much for a guy to ask?

Now, I did not say I like ice queens, the ones where you don’t know if you even stand the minutest chance. No, I like a girl who drops me clues and signs, and well, being fair, leaves it up to me to spoil things for myself (like most guys do, anyway), or just tell me straight-up she is not interested. A girl who is readily available is well, that exactly readily available. And I have outgrown those ones, I like some bone to my meat.

So, anyway, the first time I talked Miss Rushy was in passing. She was with another guy, and flirtatiously, I commented that even if I did not see another girl for the rest of year, I would be contented because she had nailed it for me. And I moved on. Of course, I was interested in her, but she was with this guy, and I know him not to be very good at being open-minded. He would still play defensive on the girl even if he was not dating her. I was not in the mood for his particular type of bullshit, so I moved on.

I was certain there would be another opportunity for me to tell her exactly what I meant, without him glaring at me like bull spoiling for a fight. But, alas, the opportunity never came. Perhaps he sensed that my easy surrender was too easily given to be anything but genuine, and he decided to take her to safer environs. I searched high and low (I have always wanted to use that phrase in a sentence, but this was technically high and low since the gardens had an upper and lower section), but she was gone. Perhaps I have imagined her… No, I hadn’t imagined her.

At exactly 2pm, the next day, while I pretended to be busy working because my supervisor was lurking in the vicinity, I received a phone call. A few words, and I knew exactly who I was talking to. Not one to let such opportunities pass, I seamlessly continued on my flirting (I really need to cut out this flirting crap, girls take it way too seriously!). Then I looked up and saw my supervisor listening in on my conversation. Shaking my head in pity, I walked out and went full throttle on the girl. Within 10 minutes, she was asking me if I could join her and her friends for an evening of movies and beer.

Now, I know a good thing when I hear one, and like I said, I am not one to let such opportunities pass. But this one, I let it go. I told her I was extremely busy doing charity work in Bududa that Saturday, and excused myself. “What about next weekend?” I would be in Busia helping homeless people. I waited for her to ask about the coming weekend, so I could hang up. She asked and I hang up, mid-sentence. Priority task: Stop flirting with silly girls.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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