This is a merry one

I am not superstitious. But I am beginning to think I sat on a hearthstone one December jinxing all my Decembers for ever and ever.

The last holiday season I was probably completely happy was when I was still dating Gil, the ex who got married recently and who I stated here I will not pretend to wish any happiness. I still hope he is never happy and I am taking his failure to post photos of them looking or pretending to be loved or of the wedding a month later as proof that my numerous incantations are working. He is not proud of his bride she is probably not that pretty. (Insert evil laugh here)

Anyway, that December I went to my parents’ home for Christmas with a head full of dreams of finally officially dating at the beginning of the New Year.

It had been open secret that we were more than friends for months but we liked to delude ourselves that nobody knew. By we I mean he. He wanted to keep enjoying the benefits of our friendship indefinitely while he looked around for a woman he actually wanted to be in a relationship with.

The skunk! And I allowed it hoping one day not far away he would fall madly in love with me. Oh, to be both young and stupid! I was happy that Christmas though, ignorance being bliss and all.

But the next Christmas, I was bawling my eyes out, after my hush hush lover started another hush hush lover. And thus begun my yearly tradition of the yearly Christmas holidays heartbreak. The worst had to be the Daniel Debacle. Entire days went to moping about our petty fights and wondering if it was even worth it even if he was so totally handsome. If I did not get ulcers then, I probably never will.

Given my track record, a relationship takes about six weeks to disintegrate. I am counting this from the time I begin getting excited about it which could be anytime between the first date to the umpteenth one.
It is after six weeks that that bubble goes pop and you know whether you want to continue or stop. I tend to pick the latter a lot.

And since I tend to have flings around October and November, the six week period elapses just as we are about to start the holidays making my Christmas season miserable.

I now realise my Christmas has always been ruined in October. I plan to avoid hookups after September 30, in the future. Thankfully, things did not go far with my younger suitor in October. I was glad I dodged that bullet then, I’m ecstatic now. These holidays are all the merrier knowing no one is out there cheating on me, or loving me wrong!

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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