Thin Line Between the Voxy and Noah

I always asked myself the difference between these two vehicles which I have critically monitored over time and to be frank, it is hard to see.

The only significant thing I found was that Toyota Voxy is more spacious than the Noah model 1998. But I noticed that so many people had picked a lot of interest in the Noah as opposed to the Voxy.

As it turns out, although the two vehicles are close cousins carrying the Toyota surname, a major difference lies in their fuel consumption. The Noah, with an engine of 1,800cc, has relatively good consumption compared both to its size and to other vehicles. Its servicing and general repairs are affordable, and well within the reach of many car-owning Ugandans.

Besides, Toyota Noah has a good resale value. Many of us buy vehicles we really like but with time we want to get something else and we have to find a way to dispose of the object of yesterday’s affection.

If we do not give it to someone, we will be hoping someone wants to buy it. So, the Noah will have many takers. This is an aantage, because you can resell it with a very modest loss compared to the purchase price – of between Shs 2m and Shs 4m. Toyota Noah can seat up to eight people comfortably.


In a bid to improve on the Toyota Noah, the manufacturers came up with the Toyota Voxy between 2002 and 2013. The Voxy has more or less the same seating capacity as the Noah, only that it has more interior space.

This means that not only can it carry more people, for Ugandans who rarely travel light, it means you and your luggage can travel more comfortably. Children would also love the Voxy as they can freely move around – although they should not be allowed to think they can play football in there.

The newer models have a provision for wheel access, which is another plus. With engine capacity in the upward of 1990cc, it means the Voxy costs more than the Noah, consumes more fuel, and the engine is not only larger but also a little more complicated.

This means not every mechanic will be comfortable repairing the Voxy, all of which combine to deny it the resale value that the Noah enjoys.

In addition, as families become smaller, with rising economic development in the third world, cars such as the Voxy and Noah may soon go out of vogue. But for now, it is also a matter of the size of the pocket.

While the older model of the Noah may cost at least Shs 20m (directly imported), the Voxy may set you back by at least Shs 25m, with 2013 models costing between Shs 60 and Shs 75m.

Source : The Observer

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