The World Is Definitely Full of ‘Worst Date’ Guys

Every girl who has ever been courted has a date she has tagged ‘the worst ever.’

There are many reasons, many scenarios, and not all of them are that bad when compared with others. But pardon me if we borrow and twist that beautiful saying and put it as: the badness of the date is in the eyes of the beholder. Sometimes it is the car that breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the rain that ruins your 50k hairstyle or the waiter with spongy hands who spills hot soup onto your lap.

But 90 per cent of the time, it is the son of Adam on the other side of the table that is responsible for the girl’s agony. I have thought through all my really bad dates and cannot rank them to find the very worst, but for anyone who would like to make a girl miserable, you can pick up a few tips from these Martians.

There was Eddie whose drama group was staging a play at the National theatre. He made a big deal of me having to go he got me a front row seat ticket (which is like one of the worse seats in the house!). I didn’t make a fuss because the show was not the date. The coffee after the show was the date.

So, I sat through one of the worst plays ever in anticipation of a better evening. End of show, I go out and wait for said date. I thought I would give him time to change, remove make-up or whatever. Half an hour later I call, his phone is off. After a few more tries and battling the guilt of quitting on him, I leave.

When I run into him the next week, there is no apology. He simply states that he was disappointed by the quality of the show and decided to leave after the first few scenes… That explained his absence from stage. OK. And our coffee? Oh, he didn’t think I would stay for the entire play either. Wow! I was speechless. That was that. The next time he tried to ask me out, I just laughed.

Mary recounts her experience with Tom whom she thought was pretty promising. On their first date, he took her to lunch at a secluded guest house off Entebbe road. When the eating was done and the bill paid, he asked if she was ready. She thought ‘ready to leave,’ instead he led her into the guest house.

Still thinking perhaps there was some other exit or another phase of the date she wasn’t aware of, she followed him to the reception where he collected a key. Light bulb moment!

Other than the humiliation that he would think she was an easy lay, she wouldn’t get back into his car and so she had to hike in high-heels, on a muddy road back to the main road. Poor girl was scarred that for long after the ‘Paul incident’ as we came to call it, she only went on dates if she could take a girlfriend with her. And even then, it had to be in a cafeacute within the city centre.

Eddie and Paul are not nearly representative of men, but unfortunately they drink at the same pool and they sure muddy the waters for the rest of you.

Source : The Observer


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