The workplace Helping staff exit with dignity

Over the years, it has been said that ‘the early bird catches the worm’. Stephen is one such worker who had mastered that old adage. As such, he was always up and at office early morning every work day.
Being a department head for an aertising city firm, it necessitated him to be at office by 7a.m. to meet his team members and plan for the day’s operations.
He did this for more than five years until something ‘strange’ happened one morning his workstation had been unplugged and was ordered to report to the managing director’s office. In the meeting, his separation was announced. Sadly, he could not send a farewell message to his team members because his office mail account had already been blocked.
Stephen is an example of many employees who are often fired through queer means. Some are hastily asked to hand over company property and immediately cease showing up at or near the company premises.
This practice is common in organisations where employees are regarded as a liability. It confirms one HR practitioner’s allusion that her job was simply about ‘hiring and firing staff’.
But beyond that, HR as a function plays a critical role in ensuring that the human resources of an organisation get the right skills through training, are motivated and developed. HR aligns staff to achieve the business strategy.
This means that employees need to be valued right from hiring to the exiting stage. Separations should be done in a professional way and in honour of an employee’s contribution to the organisation. Beware, employees in key positions can run away with vital company information.
Meanwhile office fraud and other felony suspects must be managed in a lawful manner.
Under normal circumstances, an employee should be prepared for job loss before being fired. This is because it has far-reaching effects to individual workers and their families.

The writer is a human resources expert and a journalist.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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