The way to wear the monochrome trend

Elizabeth Mbabazi Kagwa, a fashion designer at ME-UG, gives you tips on how to pull off the monochromatic colour trend. Single hue ensembles are a classic way to combine outfits for the stylish timeless look. One of the best ways to pull this off by combining pieces that are of the same colour but with hints of embellishment applied to either parts of the garment or on the accessories.

This will create texture, structure and give depth that adds an interesting detail to the full look. This will make it visually appealing giving it that “kick” to any onlooker.

One could also work with garments of different materials to create a visual collaboration of the total composition. A black silky satin blouse paired with black pants and black shiny leather pumps will create a great all black contrast.

This look also works well with dark colours like black. Consider dressing in navy, grey, charcoal, dark brown, burgundy, or deep green for the working wardrobe. These will also be easy to go from day to night by simply adding some shiny accessories of the same colour for that evening cocktail drink after work.

Single hue outfits, especially in dark colours, are flattering for anyone who wants to appear leaner andor taller. This is because dark colours visually recede, making the wearer appear leaner and taller.

Some people are afraid of appearing dull in single hues. The trick is to accessorise in the same colour. For example, add a silk scarf or a pretty pair of earrings or nice belt all in the same colour to create an illusion of breaking the flow.

All white is very classy as it is visually immaculate and demure.Whatever your choice of colour, it is all about mixing and matching a balance of tones. The visual trick is to wear a lighter shade of the hue on the top or bottom, one that is a bit muted and then match it with a slightly darkerbolder hue of the same colour.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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