The tools you need during construction

The process of building a house is an intense undertaking and whereas much time is spent on planning and materials, it’s also important to understand the other aspects that will be vital in the implementation of the project.
In this issue, we take a look at some of the tools and machinery that play a major role during construction, and you will not need to worry about the tools if you hire an established contractor, since the tools will be provided by the contractor, however, depending on the nature of the agreement you enter with the contractor, especially for small projects, you might have to hire or buy some of the tools.
Below are some of the commonly used tools and machinery.

Pick Axe
This type of axe is used in excavation when they are hacking stones or digging into hard surfaces.
A spade is used mostly forscooping, shifting granular materials and loading materials (sand, soil aggregates), onto wheel barrows or containers.

This is a general purpose cart, used for carryingtransporting soil, sand, stones and other building material over short distances.
There are many types of hammers but the commonly used type is the claw hummer. This is used for driving and extracting nails. The other type is the sledge hummer. This type has a long shaft and a big steel head commonly used to crush hardcore.

Hand saw
A hand-held saw is used on site for cutting wood.

A saw supported in an adjustable frame normally used to cut metals such as metal bars, binding wire and metallic frames, among others.

This machine uses weight and vibrations to compact ram, surfaces mostly used in foundation works and landscaping. However, this one is normally rented at prices ranging from Shs80,000 to Shs100,000 per a day.

Concrete mixer
This is a machine that mixes the ingredients of concrete cement, sand and coarse aggregate, in a rotating drum. This too is just hired at prices ranging from Shs100,000 to Shs150,000 per a day.

This is a power-operated machine used to compact concrete. Others include hoes, concrete pump, generator, grinder, mortar pans, chisel and trowel.

The numbers
Maximum amount you will need to hire a compactor for one day.

Maximum amount you will need to hire a concrete mixer for a day.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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