The power of persistence

Never underestimate the power of one man or one thing. It might be alone but if it is stubborn enough to resist to the death, it will surely be a pain. I say this because I suffered a sty in my eye yet again. I get these things about thrice a year. Why, I am not sure. Doctors give different reasons and I am not sure who to believe.
The sties have never been that much of a problem. The only time I can remember one being as stubborn as to keep me home for a day, was one that I got two years ago. It started as a little itch and pain and grew big. My eye swelled so much so that I had to use sunglasses for two days (I am not a fan of the accessory). But that lasted for about three days and by evening on the fourth day, I was much better. This last time round was worse. It started as a little pain the in inner corner of my right eye. Knowing that a sty was coming on, I did the usual compresses with warm water, pressing against the area at least twice a day. In the past I have been lucky to have them disappear within a day or two without swelling, once I use the compresses. This time, it did not work.
By day three, I knew the sty was going to go through the whole process of swelling, and “ripening” until the pus came out by itself. Painkillers were the only medication I took. I felt any antibiotics were not necessary. In hindsight, that was a bad decision. When I woke up on the fourth day, I could hardly see through my eye. It hurt. It did not like to look at bright light. And it was tearing. I thought I would feel a little better after it adjusted to the light and to being open – as much as was possible. I felt worse though and so decided I could not go to work that day. I made plans to stay home and rest it so that by the next day it would be better, enough for me to go back to work. But it only got worse. I ended up staying home for four days! I could not believe it. Never had a sty treated me this badly. It was a small thing, but it was causing pain. A lymph node along the right side of my face had swollen and was hurting. So was the right side of my head. I could not read or watch TV much, the things I like to do when stuck at home sick. My daughters got concerned. Every few hours, they would ask to look at it. “Let me see,” they would say as they each held my face in their hands. The younger one would shake her head with sympathy and blow on it to make me feel better. The older one who looked more worried would ask what would happen next, if I would get well soon and whether I should go see a doctor. The maid felt my pain and asked why I couldn’t get eye-drops at least. I told her that hubby had bought me ointment but it seemed to relieve only the itching and not the swelling, which now seemed to be concentrated on the corner of the lid. Worse still, I could see three little pimples on it, from where the pus would likely come out, but nothing was happening.
By day seven, with little relief in sight, hubby decided it was time to go visit the doctor’s. Why it had taken me this long to go, I do not know. At the clinic, the doctor said it was a sty that had become infected which is was why it was so swollen. I was given antibiotics and eye drops to use, along with the ointment. In two days’ time, the swelling had reduced tremendously and when I went for a review, I was relieved when the doctor squeezed it but it did not hurt, and then told me I was okay.
I am now relieved of the pain, tearing and itching. Better still is the fact that I can look at people and other things at eye level without twisting my head to a certain uncomfortable angle in order to see clearly. Even then, two weeks after it popped on my eye, the sty is yet to clear off. There is still a small hard part, where the swelling was, which is noticeable if a person gets close to my face.
I am telling you, you can never underestimate the power of one small stubborn thing.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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