The petty priorities

I have to start by confessing that lately, I have found myself becoming some kind of excessively philosophical bore who needlessly reflects on everything, even conjuring galaxies of thoughts about the mosquitoes that buzz about me when I’m idly lying on my bed before sleep arrives.

Which is truly no healthy lifestyle, and which I indeed have got to put right before it destroys me. Fine. However, I still think myself justified in complaining about those lovely members of the fairer sex who find no trouble with being on the extreme opposite end of excessive philosophising.

I’m talking about those members of the fairer sex who never spare a moment to think hard about things, who can never have a conversation that goes beyond the proper way to kiss or the movie they watched last night or how great the décor was at the wedding they attended the previous weekend.

Now I’m not saying that I would like to see every woman regularly discussing where our government went wrong on the health system, and what gets perverted in the minds of terrorists to get them committing the unspeakable atrocities, and what the leaders of Sub-Saharan Africa need to do to overcome the West’s machinations to keep us under-developed.

Nothing as grave as that. I’m only saying that every woman should be able to once in a while seriously reflect about, and discuss with others, a few serious things. Things like what may be the long-term repercussions of regular clobbering of her children, things like what may come of inhumanely treating a maid, things like what side business she might suggest to her husband so as to diversify the family’s income source.

Surely, you look at this woman who has never been able to even once engage in a discussion that goes beyond the latest movie, the in-vogue trousers fashion, the latest twist in the story of her favourite Philippino TV soap and the latest news about Sheeba and Pallaso. The same woman happens to be on her TV screen when a talk show discussing cervical cancer begins, and she quickly flips channels to find a local music programme. And then you find the same woman crying that the ‘teacher’ boyfriend who had promised to marry her suddenly dropped her saying they simply couldn’t be.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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