The Nadia Comes in Several Configurations

Much isn’t said about the Toyota Nadia, probably because it came right after the Ipsum that has made tremendous impact in Uganda.

However, the Nadia has continued upgrading, even when it never attracted as much attention as the Ipsum. Whenever a newer model of a vehicle is launched, one should expect new additions andor modifications.

This could be in form of shape or profile, degree of comfort and electronics, but many a time there are major or minor changes to the power plant, i.e., the engine. Sometimes these improvements are done as a response to demands from the market or after thorough reviews.

For example, Toyota Nadia came with different versions of the engine. Nadia was first introduced as a 3s-Fe type, which most of us tended to call ‘Ordinary,’ but these were indeed quite few on the market. But as time went by, a newer model was introduced with another type of engine called 3s-Fe D4. This type is quite common today, and boasts improved electronics and a very economic fuel consumption.

The least visible this side of the world is the Nadia diesel. This would have a 3C-TE type engine. Here, you would obviously expect very good fuel consumption, since besides the low fuel intake, diesel is cheaper than petrol. The Nadia comes with many perks when compared to other cars in her category.

This includes a high ground clearance that enables it to safely drive through rough roads. The other is comfort which includes seats that firmly hold the driver and passengers in place. It has a relatively wide interior and most of its movable parts are electrically operated. Its spare parts are readily available and reasonably priced, since it falls in the Toyota family.

However, the Nadia also comes along with some downsides. These include a low resale value, since most of the engines of the type 3S-FE-D4 Nadias are too electrical in their functionality and are often complicated when it comes to maintenance and repair, especially when being handled by ordinary mechanics. Such a version of Nadia wouldn’t easily sell as fast as one would want.

The other problem is that some Nadia versions’ fuel intake is rather high. This is so because their engines are quite big, with a large power output that gives it a bigger fuel appetite. All said, Toyota Nadia is a good option for ladies as it is regarded a medium family car.

Nadia (Type SU) drivers’ views

Saulo Andrew Mayek, who has driven the Nadia Type SU since 2012, likes the car because of its raised platform and low maintenance costs.

“It has enough interior space and doesn’t take to the garage quite often compared to other cars. It rarely breaks down,” says Mayek, a manager at a Kampala fuel station.

On maintenance, Mayek spends between Shs 120,000 and Shs 150,000 to service the car, once in six months. He remarks that such expenditure is affordable. The spare parts are available on the local market. He adds that having a 2.0cc engine capacity, the Nadia Type SU’s fuel consumption is not ‘too bad’ for him.

Before this, Mayek owned a Toyota Premio, which he notes was equally pocket-friendly in as far as maintenance and fuel consumption is concerned, but he has easily adjusted to his new car. For Ahmed Mukome, who switched from a Toyota Ipsum to the Nadia Type SU early this year, the latter’s raised platform has come in handy whenever he goes upcountry.

“I used to get stuck in ditches that run across some roads, but I am now safe with my raised Nadia,” says Mukome, who drives to his home village in Ngando, Butambala district, every weekend to supervise his agricultural projects.

Mukome, a welder based in Katwe, also concurs with Mayek on the car’s pocket-friendly fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. He spends Shs 70,000 on fuel to and from work (he resides in Nakawuka) over five days. It cost him more in the past.

Source : The Observer

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