The mummy in the movies

This is how the movies present it: The house is not too big but it normally cuts a perfect fit.

All the gadgets and amenities are available and in proper working condition, the children are sweet and adorable and the mother is perfect to the tee. She loves and hugs each child right, cooks wonderful meals and has perfectly manicured nails and top notch hairall the time. Even when she is in her pajamas and reading bedtime stories, her makeup is flawless.

Now, this is my real life scenario: The children do not want to sleep at night so sometimes, you have screaming matches instead bedtime stories.

Then, they don’t want to wake up, or wake in the southern mood. By the time we normally leave the house, half of my sanity has literary flown out of the unopen windows. Sometimes, one child will stare at me with bewildered eyes that seem to suggest I’m from another planet.

Other times, the older one gives me a look that seems to imply that I must be a mental case. Sometimes, she appears to deliberately be dragging herself to the car.

One or two times I have felt a strong desire to actually drive off without one or both of them. We normally pray as one of the first activities once in the car but I will confess that sometimes the mood is too sour for amicable prayer. One of the children will say a prayer in which he asks God to forgive him for upsetting his parents

then he will pray that the day goes really well and that his sister will stop being too upset and remember to close her eyes. He will pray deep stuff like remembering the terrorists in the world. His prayers normally lighten my heart and for good measure he will not forget to ask for a baby brother.

That is the parallel between my life and the movies, but I remind myself to relax. The movie mummy is a fake!—

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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