The Good Lie an Insight On Young Refugees

They were known simply as ‘The lost boys.’ Orphaned by the brutal Civil war in Sudan that began in 1983, these young victims travelled as many as a thousand miles on foot in search of safety.

Fifteen years later, a humanitarian effort would bring 3,600 lost boys and girls to America. In The Good Lie, Philippe Falardeau, (writer and director of the Oscar (R)- nominated Foreign Language film Monsieur Lazhar, brings the story of their survival and triumph to life.

Starring Reese Witherspoon, a lot of things get this movie good reviews, such as the fact that the main characters are played by actual refugees – two of whom were child soldiers. And their uninflected, authoritative performances compensate for the feel-good simplifications of Margaret Nagle’s script.

I found it an awesome drama that is worth just more than an Oscar nomination. The movie opens this evening and will be showing all weekend along at The Hub Oasis mall.

Source : The Observer

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