The Geezer – When Work, Home Woes Weigh in

Too much happening around, some antagonistic but again, we are still alive to share the stories.

Of course the World Cup has now entered that faze where football and not foolery is at play. And while some of us slept off while the matches went down, now we are not only awake to catch the remaining few, but will run out of the house to find a crowd with whom to fellowship!

The World Cup has reached a stage where watching a game alone or in the confines of a home is simply disastrous. And while that be, it is, according to the usual quarters, also getting disastrous out there with tales of terrorists making more headline news than the World Cup scores.

So, even as one wishes to run to their favourite spot to catch the game on a bigger screen with louder sound, the fear of a bang is more chilling than the thrill expected of the games. We can only pray that those bad guys don’t do an anniversary on us and ruin not just lives but the hanging-out space.

Stepping away from the World Cup, I will resist the temptation to make predictions but I will be glad if those boys from a people well famed for their efficiency take the trophy – do I have to stress that I mean Germans?

Now you tell me have you been in a situation where you are damned at every nook and corner? At work, the boss does not think you are up to any good and while you recover from boardroom condemnation, you step into your automobile to go disappear somewhere for solace, only to find a flat tyre.

And as you call a chap to sort it out, you also discover the oil leaks and that an extra kilometre, the damn thing would have exploded. And all this happens on a Monday, somewhere past the mid of the month where moneys are as common as snow in the Sahara.

As you get this sorted through a kind friend that has sent through mobile money, still short by a few shillings, the phone rings only to be told the little ones at home have flu of epidemic proportions.

Well, as always, the kids will always shock you with an ailment all too often. But you have no idea what awaits you as you rock them to sleep. Their mother starts the pep talk of how you are putting too much time and effort in work at the expense of the family.

And she goes on and on and on how you are busy mbu working but you could return to no family – it having disintegrated thanks to your absence. At work, they think you are not putting in enough, home you are too busy at work damn!

And then, you also realize your midsection is certainly not flattering. Once it was flattened, more like an ironing board, but because of being the couch potato that your job has made you, you struggle to breathe to climb stairs. You are aised to have an exercising regiment -there is no time.

You can’t do it before sunrise, because home folks want to wake up next you. You won’t do it in the evening, the gym is the other side of town and the traffic will make you bankrupt in a week – not with the soaring fuel prices. And you wish you were fasting! Those who are, happy Ramadhan folks, pray for us sinners.

Source : The Observer

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