The Geezer – There Is More to Life Than Mbabazi

And so, while all the hoopla on the Mbabazi sacking took to heights yet to be reached, our partying ways have not stopped.

Concertgoers will foam on the mouth on Facebook – posting this and that as they weigh in on the Mbabazi issue. But when show time comes, they will slide into their party clothes and hit the road so will restaurant owners – none will delay preparing a meal for their client because Mbabazi was sacked. Never mind that all this sacking kabozi will take place in the restraint.

Of course, at the bars, there is no other talk going on except this.

How about we change and talk about something different over here today? Like how the menace called mechanics is but a necessary evil. We need them, perhaps cannot do without them, but they use this against us and rip us all off. Their cousins, the tailors and cobblers, don’t come off as any better they too are simply one dishonest bunch!

Just when I thought mechanics are such a pain only on my end, then I landed on the following blog from which I wish to lift whole paragraphs just to illustrate this point. And when I am done, you can also share your own experiences.

The incentive for the mechanic is to get as much work as possible. So, when they get to your car, they will go screaming how this, that, what-not-all need to be fixed, because fixing one will ‘spoil’ other parts and make the repair double price.

This is hard to defend yourself against because you probably don’t know how to check whether something is broken or not – unless your car is smoking or making a weird noise. One way to protect yourself is to get the mechanic to prioritize things, and then only do the top one or two fixes. You can also bring the vehicle to multiple shops or get a mobile mechanic to come look at it.

Don’t mention what the first mechanic said to the second mechanic – until he has made his own diagnosis. The second mechanic then might confirm that the first guy was trying to rip you off to gain credibility, and save you some money in the process. Also, note that the less you look like you know about cars, the more liberties mechanics will take.

If you can, bring your dad or some older guy with you so that the mechanic won’t be so tempted to pull a fast one on you. You can also try telling him a story about how your last mechanic tried to rip you off. I did this with one mobile mechanic and I think it kept him a little more honest – though in the end, I didn’t trust him to do more work because he kept on trying to tell me how he wasn’t going to rip me off. Exactly what a guilty person would do!

And then when it’s madame that calls the mechanic or shows up in person with the car to a garage, all caution is through in the window and the mechanics go in overdrive. Ever asked a lady how much she spends servicing or making simple repairs?

Okay, I know very few do this on their own without subjecting us the men in their lives – even those on the sides – to do the mechanic works. A mechanic with lady clientele is the richest of them all, not because the lady’s car has major issues, but they simply fleece those ones!

So see, there is more to life afflicting our well-being than the Mbabazi sacking. Good week!

Source : The Observer

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