The Geezer – Luzinda Would Give Kardashian a Run for Real Stuff

Just when we thought we had seen some good booty – to take us to Christmas – in Desire Luzinda’s nudies, cyber space is awash with, eh… !

If you haven’t chanced on this, which planet do you live on? How do you know which player Portsmouth plans to buy from Gor Mahia before landing on Kim Kardashian Kanye’s [does she oba use that name, which sounds like those given to virulent African rodents?].

Pausing for one of those weirdo magazines, this babe did booty acrobatics that Luzinda’s pale in comparison. For the usual cyber voyeurs, this was a god-send while for the geezer folk across the world, it remains awe at how someone’s butt can be so shaped to support a champagne glass during the turbulence when you pop the bottle and pour it in the glass. And this was done acrobatically – or so the picture depicts.

Aside the champagne stunt, the part where she bares it all and the smooth curves – all shiny in oil – is an image only a foolish geezer can erase from their head. Forget the talk of ‘it was photoshopped’ and all indeed if it was, boy oh boy that was some photoshopping genius!

From the many geezers I have talked to about this picture, all agree that from the time they set their eyes on it, their fingers itched to touch – for some, even squeeze! Kanye alya bulungi said one, nodding his head in approval – meaning Kanye ‘eats’ well.

Of course following the images and all the traffic this has caused, not to mention the millions being raked in, a lot of talk has been generated. There is this article on how the whole shoot is some veiled racist jab – folks are saying: ‘hit with another’.

But again, let’s not get carried away. We have accused Luzinda and her Nigerian beau of all hell below and above earth, but not that those pictures of hers were photoshopped. Kaakati, tell me, from the authentic pictures of Luzinda and the Kardashian ones, which even the most basic eye can tell as it ogles that it is photoshop, what would you go with?

I mean, here is our belle all-so-arse-rounded, the surface akin to the rounded dome of kalo in a kabbo. Well, we may not have touched, but I want to believe Luzinda’s is as smooth as a baby’s butt without the need for dousing in oil.

I will spare you the graphic description of what’s between the legs, but many will agree ‘that’s the s**t!’

I tell you, often I meet babes on our streets here and gosh if only they walked in Hollywood for just one hour during peak traffic time, they would be world headline material.

Yet I swear some of those Hollywood sex sirens they yap about wouldn’t get heads turning if they walked for a week down our watering hole on Dewinton road. But heck, anti they are Hollywood stars, and so a pimple on the chest is a glorified boob a raised-arse like a chicken’s entwingili is paraded as hottest arse ever.

These guys have not seen! In that case, I am all for Luzinda to go for a professional nude shoot to give these booty wannabes like Kardashian a run for real stuff! Not so?

Source : The Observer

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