The Geezer – Don’t Blame the Maid Alone

We have had quite a month for November!

Aren’t many of us too glad it’s finally behind us and the best part of the year – usually the end – is here before us?

November is when the Uganda Cranes blew hot and cold on us by failing to make it to AFCON.

Same month Luzinda, the desirous, was served to us bare and as we riled from the hoopla of her nudes, some driver squashes a kid at the City Hall gate sending it to an early death.

The story is well known to you, but I am still asking, where is the father or should we ask, who is the father? No geezer ever came up to mourn their son? Is that for real?

Well, we barely had got to the bottom of it when the video of the Maid from ‘Hell’ [some want to say, Rukungiri] gave us another doze of how bad people have become!

The ‘killer’ maid story has been told, retold, remixed, I almost have nothing useful to add. But no, I won’t allow myself to be outdone. First, if it’s true -and I have not read reports denying it – that the father of this kid beat the living lights out of the maid, let’s raise our glasses and thank him for not killing her.

If it were me, I would be punching this story from a solitary confinement cell for murder!

As for the idiots who went on social media claiming this attack was a stage-managed affair mbu to distract us from some weak conference going down at a city hotel around about that time – the hottest place in hell is preserved for you gossipers and that maid.

Bin Laden will serve you cold water to cool your backsides!

Did I also read something about the man of house having brought this on his hapless daughter because mbu he had mounted or been mounting the maid?

Really even the worst voyeur doesn’t do it to the maid in the first 26 days but even if he had, does it justify meting out the rage on the kid? Okay, the madam of the house was mistreating the maid, really? Just where do you get such conspiracy theories, you idle gossipers?

So, you want us to start treating our maids better than our wives to save our kids from this hellish existence? Give me a break!

A man in Masaka woke up one morning to razor blades in his daughter’s vagina. Who put them there? A stepmother! This woman had never seen and would never have seen the real mother to this baby.

She was being treated so well by her hubby the father of the kid so much that she slept with him – I mean that’s what we do to our wives.

And what did she decide to do? Put razors there, imagine that! But worse still is the punishment the state slapped on her: just one year.

Yes, one year in jail. I guess like most thieves, she is already out on bail. The baby, on the other hand, will never… let me spare you the details. That’s how crude we have come as a society!

But blame the maid alone? The problem is bigger than we think. That belief that to get anything good we must do as we do to boda bodas to get them moving is causing all this mayhem.

Solutions to every problem seem to be found in one place, violence!

And that is outright wrong! Oh before I go, did you read the social media posting of a one wench called Joweria in support of the maid? Well, there is some geezer that bangs her too, tulabye!

Source : The Observer

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