The Geezer – Chop Nigerian Money At Your Peril

So she found it desirous to apologise to all and sundry? Why did I see that coming and have no problem with it but yet again, not an ounce of pity or mercy for her.

Listen, Desire and your cabal of fans, even sympathizers and I am told, legion of admirers – there are consequences for all choices and actions. Without grand standing as holier than thou, as a senior geezer of the land, you insulted us when you went with the wind to ride those Ninja clouds that most wenches are riding in this town.

The motivation is far from safe sex, good sex or even deep show of love. Either you are all wannabes trying to live the Ninja movie life – like it is with those like you who go for old wrinkled Caucasians to fit the en vogue label OR. You are obviously under the illusion that them, Ninja brodas, have more kwacha than the hairs on your head ready to be splashed on you.

Well, you chop their money at your peril. I won’t claim geezers here do not like the whole experience of taking pics off their subdued wenches down to the ‘Eve suit’ but again, you should be weary of a guy whose first instinct when you undress before them, they reach for the lens and not the rod.

I am assuming them pictures were taken before a wallop – after all, you looked immaculately neat. Otherwise, a geezer worth his rod would leave you no stamina to pose as you did for a picture after a good wallop you would be wallowing in blissful pain, unable to flinch an eyelid.

And so, you were justified to get more men on the job like indeed you did of Missaga and company. However, what you should have guarded against is keeping in line with the 11th commandment – ‘Thou shalt not be caught’.

But as they say, what is done cannot be undone. It’s not an issue of learning lessons, or apologizing and promising never to stray or let your guard down no matter how much you trust, love and care for a lover. The issue is about making lemonade from the lemons that Ninja guy has thrown at you.

How about a ‘Seyambudde’ hit song compete with an album launch on its heels? Cummon, you are now at your all-time most famous. See, even geezers too old to chew smashed matooke are clamouring for a piece of you having seen the pictures and you decide to lay down low?

There are many song and album name suggestions from ‘Nkabongele?’ to ‘Ngigabudde Raw’ that would get you a mammoth crowd to avenge that loser who claimed to have given you a concert of a lifetime. Does he know how we love you now after seeing your privates? Clearly, this is a silver lining you cannot afford to miss in this dark cloud!

Turning to our Ninja broda: mehn, you did it for us. Forget those chiding you for being such a loser and fighting like a wench, we whose prayer had been to see such privates are eternally grateful.

What would we be talking about, writing about or even imitating a photo pose about had it not been for your expose! The wenches are asking when you will do justice and show them a bit about you – Desire is taking long or is undecided to burst you too, apart from the passport part where you are reportedly a Munyankore from Mitooma. Agayaye!

Source : The Observer

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