The Four-Sum Round-Up of News Using Comedy

Imagine Islamic gender roles were switched, so that it is the women who are instead allowed to marry four men!

Just imagine watching the men competing for their wife’s attention, while she walks with her head high like a goddess! Let’s say three of these co-husbands were Sheik Nuhu Muzaata, Mubarak Munyagwa and Odonga Otto, what kind of home would you expect?

This hard-to-imagine scenario was the ice breaker at the quarterly Newspaper heatre comedic production at the National Theatre last Friday. The production by a comedy group called The Foursum took on issues reported in the newspaper in the last three months. They were spiced up with comical ingredients that left revellers cracking.

The group, which comprises of Edwin Mukalazi, Felix Bwanika, Simon Peter Kivumbi and Williams Mpaata Otako, last Friday borrowed the services of a woman called Cathy Bagaya. Under the theme “Comedy and poetry”, which the narrator, Esther Chebet, dubbed “compo”, The Foursum took on the scandalous issues that had graced our newspapers in the recent past.

They addressed issues such as the national ID project, shisha smoking and teachers’ salaries, among others. It was a marathon of expertly-crafted comedy skits as the comedians never left the stage at any one moment. Yes, even the costume changes were made onstage. Clearly, the actors had no qualms showing their “African bodies”.

Their joke on the just-concluded World Cup was one of the most interesting ones. It was at the end of the scene when a player from Bukunja bit another, that we got to know that they were referring to Louis Suarez’s infamous biting incident.

The Batooro approach to demonstrations was ridiculed in a scene where demonstrators gently sat down, politely asking President Museveni to apologize to them for the mean statements he made about their king. Meanwhile, the Baganda were looking on in disbelief, deciding to teach them how to demonstrate – vandalizing public property, burning cars and stoning policemen.

It was a team of only five actors and one poet who left no topic untouched. Members of Parliament scrambled for pieces of the yellow piglets, only to be joined by the speaker of parliament in the barbecue. The police too, were not spared.

Performing to a sizeable audience, the highlight of the show was the parody of NTV’s news beat. Covering issues such as the Bundibugyo attacks and press freedom, the comedians impressively rapped to hip hop beats. At least if comedy doesn’t work out for them, they can always try their hands at rapping. Well, except Kivumbi who failed to “follow the beat!”

Source : The Observer


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