The down to earth and laid back anchor

Who is Emmanuel Epenu?
I am a sports presenter aged 26-years-old. I was born to Peruth Epenu, a businesswoman and the late Nathan Epenu who was a journalist. I have four siblings including a twin sister called Elizabeth Epenu with whom I share a really close relationship.

I attended Shimoni Demonstration School where I attained my primary education, then went to Comprehensive College Kitetikka in Gayaza where I studied from my Senior One to four and then joined Faith High School in Mukono for my Senior Five and Six. I then joined UMCAT School of Journalism and Mass communication in 2010 and graduated in 2013.

You do have such a striking resemblance with your brother, Gabriel Epenu, a former News Anchor at NTV. Do people tend to confuse you two?
(Laughs) Yes, people confuse me a lot with my older brother, Gabriel. People say that we look like twins. Besides the way we look, they say that we walk and talk the same way.

How is he, by the way? (Gabriel was involved in a car accident in 2013)
He is improving. In fact, doing well and who knows, very soon, he will be back on air.

What does your work entail, as a sports presenter?
It requires me to do a lot of research and be informed about all the different existing sports activities happening in and out of the country. I do this by reading a lot of sports related literature in the library, on the internet as well as watching different sports channels on television.

And what does it require for one to stand out in your kind of profession?
Passion is very important in this profession. If you love what you do, you will always succeed at it. In fact, it is this same passion that drives me on a day-to-day basis.

Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I am.

Is that all? You could atleast tell us who the lucky lady is?
I am not going to reveal her name because I do not like putting my relationship out in the open. But we have been dating for about nine months now and I got attracted to her because she is down to earth, understanding, caring and very open.

When was the last time you cried?
It was in 2013. This was after receiving a phone call at about 3am in the morning from one of my sisters that Gabriel had been involved in an accident. The news really hit me hard and I broke down.
Were you ever bullied as a child?
No. I was the kind of child who was approachable, carefree and quite laid back but was still polite and kind to other children.

Is that how you would describe yourself even now?
Yes, I am still down to earth, laid back and approachable.

You are easily irritated by women who are
Nagging. I mean the type of women who are always on your case (disturbing). I am also easily irritated by dirty and lazy women.

The best aice you have ever received was
Always be humble and respect everyone. Be it a cleaner or sweeper, they all deserve to be perceived in high regard as everybody else. This piece of aice was from my mother.

On getting hit on by women
Judging from your good looks, do you get hit on a lot by women?
(Bursts into laughter) Oh yes, I do get hit on a lot, sometimes in person and on social media. The compliments come in handy as well. There are girls who have for instance mentioned in the past that I am quite handsome and that my children will be as good looking as me, their father.

Do these women include the older ones?
No, it is just the young girls.

SOURCE: Daily Monitor


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