The comfort of a furnished apartment

You do not have to hustle looking for a house or hotel to live in during your stay in the country when you can get all you need in a furnished apartment.

The Christmas holidays are here and people are coming into the country to either celebrate with their families or just for a festive time in Uganda. But if you are going to spend some weeks in the country and do not want to inconvenience your family, parents or friends for accommodation yet you also do not want to stay at a hotel, you can opt for a furnished apartment.
With such apartments, all you need are just clothes and beddings. So without having to carry chairs, you feel at home even when home is far away.


Dennis Lubowa, a Ugandan living abroad, found solace in furnished apartments.
He comes back home occasionally to celebrate the Christmas holiday with his family. When coming into the country, all they need is a suitcase with their essentials.

“A fully furnished apartment is cheaper since we can’t share a house with our parents. That means encroaching on their space and yet we too need our own.” He says coming to a furnished house is the easiest choice for him and his wife because they can still go by their daily routines since they usually select apartments close to what they have been staying in abroad.

After the holiday, there is no effort and emotion in saying farewell to the relatives, a habit he admits as being an irritant to him.

Lubowa highlights that when they come with their child, the company at times provides a maid who helps in babysitting their child when they have to run some errands. He notes that this is cost effective, convenient and comfortable for him.

Depending on what your needs are, you might decide to settle for what suits you best. Charlotte Nuwagaba, head of Agency at Knight Frank says, a furnished apartment contains the things you will need to live comfortably during your stay in a house.

Depending on the landlord’s target market, your apartment may come with more than basic furnishings. What’s included is usually determined by your needs and the rental fee. If you feel that the apartment lacks something, you can ask the agent or landlord for any extra items you might need before you agree to move into it. Nuwagaba explains that furnished apartments come in two forms which are defined by what a client is interested in and the price.

Charlotte Nuwagaba, head of Agency at Knight Frank notes that a furnished apartment is equipped with furniture like sofa sets, beds, fridge, and a cooker but without extra services which means that when settling for such an apartment, you incur the other costs.

The second type of furnished apartment entails having a home fully equipped with beddings, furniture, kitchen utensils, cooker, and washing machine but also catering for the extra services.

“These can include laundry, house cleaning, DSTV and internet connection, electricity and the person will not pay any bill at all. Although, these services are incorporated in the rental fee.” Nuwagaba explains. “Usually, people who choose furnished apartments do not want to go through the extra services of footing bills like paying the security guard. Most of the residents are clients with no children or big families, individuals on short term contracts ranging between a month to a year or people who have come for a short holiday,” She says.

Joan Namukwaya, a Ugandan who is registered as an American citizen shares her experience about furnished apartments. “I must say it’s quite affordable for me as compared to having to travel a very long way to see my relatives in the village and stay with them. The apartment I rent caters for my electricity, water, laundry (although they provide a washing machine as well) and a maid who cleans and cooks meals for us.”

She adds, “we have internet and DSTV connections. The bonus is a swimming pool, gym and fulltime security. This makes me feel safe. The environment makes me feel like I am at home. The furnished apartment works for me. They also provide cars for rent and a driver which makes me go about my errands comfortably. I usually book a month in time so that our apartment is ready because of the extensive demand. All I carry is luggage like clothes and nothing more.”

To her, a furnished apartment is way cheaper than staying with relatives. “My boys are old and are not used to being told what to do. I avoid them insulting relatives who will get offended since to them children are always meant to be listening,” Namukwaya adds.

Depending on the services a landlord offers and the client’s specifications, it is always wise for you to thoroughly look through the tenancy agreement and if there are conditions you are not comfortable with, suggest possible changes which are fair to the parties involved.

Remember that if you don’t ask you don’t get. If possible, always have a look at the property and prove it’s what you want. Namukwaya aises others interested in staying in a furnished apartment to always consider the interior and aeration of the house. If it suits and defines you, then settle for that.

Other considerations include security of the area and how safe it is getting there regardless of time of the day. In relation to this, you should always consider its accessibility so that you do not incur more than you are on rent. Remember the sole reason is to have fun and spend on souvenirs not transport. This will occur if your apartment is out of town.

Most of the apartments depending on the location rent ranges from $15,000 and above for a normal furnished apartment and approximately 3,000US$ or more for an apartment with all the extra services.

Therefore, with all this in mind, let nothing and no one deter you from having a vacation of a lifetime after all you can never lose the fun memories because they become a part of you. Enjoy your vacationholiday.

Some of the prime locations where such furnished apartments are located include Kololo, Nakasero, Mbuya and Naguru. Prices vary depending on location, services and how close it is to the city a consideration Nuwagaba highlights is essential, “they are close to the central business district which makes commuting from home to work easy.”

SOURCE: Daily Monitor

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